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MORE, it’s not a dirty word, and if you are like most of us, there is a yearning, an insatiable desire deep down inside for MORE that won’t let you rest. You’ve tried to ignore it, you’ve tried to go with the ‘Norm’, yet you cannot accept that your current situation “no matter how great it appears to be” is as good as it gets. You know there are MORE opportunities out there for learning, love, income generation, progression, growth, happiness and fulfillment. You know that there are individuals in the world that are truly living their lives by design on their OWN terms and enjoying the ride! So, what do they know that you don’t? How did they get that MORE? And more importantly Do YOU really want to know the answers?

Well, What if I told you that one day could change your life forever?

You’re invited to immerse yourself in a full day of transformation with Chris Cooper. An unparalleled one day encounter dedicated to breaking down barriers, limiting beliefs and patterns. An opportunity to break that coma of complacency and an experience that will help you GET SH*T DONE!

This event is not about making dramatic, overnight, Hollywood-ending changes that we all know don’t last. Instead the FOCUS is on empowering and instructing YOU to make small, subtle yet IMPACTFUL changes that produce BIG, FAST, and MEASURABLE Results. Imagine a life where there were no limits, no boundaries. Imagine being able to have that MORE you’ve longed for. Imagine creating a blueprint for your life that catapults your success and significance in every critical area in your life.

It’s Possible- You can be LIMITLESS! We understand that it may be hard to wrap your mind around it, but it can and will happen if YOU REALLY WANT IT! And this simple shift in mentality can and will TRANSFORM and CHANGE EVERYTHING!

Breakthroughs are Sexy, so come get your SEXY on!

Why you should come

For over a decade I’ve committed myself to personal development and to the study of human behavior, I’ve been coached and instructed by World Class Industry Leaders  in Peak Performance, Psychology, Organization and Human Behavior, and for the FIRST TIME EVER I’m fusing all my learnings with my very own GSD system that has assisted me in transforming over 55 Fortune 100 Companies, and individuals from Canada to South Africa and all points in between. These best practices have propelled my businesses and those of my clients to monumental levels.

For the FIRST TIME EVER You have access to the information that will assist you in annihilating limiting beliefs and behaviors that have keep you from Achieving your dreams and Getting Sh*t Done. The masters have systems, strategies and processes for success and I want to share them with you!

As an added benefit, you will have the opportunity to network with a group of 75 high performance achievers that are the emerging and stand out leaders in the private sectors, public sectors, academia and in their communities. This is unique environment has been strategically designed to be the melting pot of creative and unmatched potential to create an explosion of power and passion that can and will change the world.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself currently: uber-successful or simply surviving trying to pull everything together. I am here to increase your ability to actively participate in your success at a higher level of acceleration and accomplishment

Join me and your new posse of 74 other highly connected, motivated and ambitious momentum seekers. The New Movement of GET SH*T DONERS (Relationships + Access = Movement)

Together we will defy the odds, Become Limitless and who knows we may even grow wings!

Don’t delay. REGISTER IMMEDIATELY before all the seats are gone.

LIMITLESS DALLAS- October 26, 2013

One final success tip…. One of my multi-million dollar mentors told me that we are only presented with with 2 decisions in life. The Decision to take ACTION or the Decision to Deal with Delayed REACTION. Those who take action get 1st dibs on whatever they want and they make things happen, while those who rely on delayed reaction, well they get what’s left over.

Special Financial Hour of Power Guest Speakers:

Rob Wine Loft

Financial Adviser Extraordinaire Rob Wilson will be joining us in Atlanta for LIMITLESS. This amazing young man was named one of Pittsburgh’s Top 40 Under 40, and is featured as a regular contributor on CBS’ KDKA TV. Often referred to as Hip Hop’s Financial Adviser Rob gives sound strategic advice to a broad range of clientele including: successful music producers, Mega Million Lottery Winners, professional athletes and modern day young to middle aged professionals. Rob often asks why should rappers have all the fun? And he will show you how you can too!!







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