Praise from All over the Globe!

Chris Cooper Praise Map

“Chris Cooper gives powerful & practical tools for taking your life to the next level and beyond. He offers clarity and helps you to create an efficient game plan to achieve your dreams with passion and purpose”

-       Kim Coles, Actor & Comedian

“Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with and always goes above and beyond what is asked of them. Any organization that works with Chris will find that they get far more than what they expected. Chris has a wonderful way of integrating himself into the organization, understanding and buying into the organization’s mission and motivating members. We feel lucky to have worked with Chris so extensively- 10 years running and definitely more to come.”

-   Catherine Weaver, Professional Society Executive Director

“I have put on over 1,000+ of my own events over the past 20 years and have seen a lot of experts, coaches and speakers. If you’re ready to take your life to higher levels and sustain continuous growth and improvement, then you must work with Chris! He has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes people’s lives! And the best thing is that Chris comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others! Do yourself a favor and work with Chris today! You’ll be so grateful you did!”

- James Malinchak, Multi-million Dollar World Premiere Speaker, Trainer and Coach

“As a Coach who coaches other Coaches, I have seen so many Coaches that are good, but Chris Cooper is Beyond GREAT! Chris Cooper is a Slayer! He slays Fear, He slays Procrastination but, he also does so in a way that really Unleashes you to your next season of Destiny in your business, your goals and your dreams by tackling the fears that are holding you back! Working with Chris will indeed Change your Life!”

- Marshawn Evans Daniels- Reinvention Strategist, Millionaire Business Mentor, Best-Selling Author & TV Personality

“Chris has a way to bring out the best in anyone. I had the pleasure to hear him live several times and he always provides 10X the value of what I paid. He understands what you need to stop procrastinating and he breaks it down in simplistic terms that can be implemented right away. I appreciate his passion to see others do well and effectively communicate. I recommend him to anyone who wants to take their business and life to the next level!”

-       Blake Hicks- Key Account Executive & Digital Marketing Agency Owner

“Thanks Chris Cooper for Igniting My Fire!!! My book that was collecting dust on a shelf for 2 years is at the printers TODAY! Because of the time I have spent with you (going into my second year) I now have a Specific Measurable and Realistic Plan- a true foundation for my empire! I am soooo excited!!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”

-       Roberta Brunin- Hypnotherapist, Addictive Behavior Cessation Expert



“Chris Cooper gives powerful & practical tools for taking your life to the next level and beyond. He offers clarity and helps you to create an efficient game plan to achieve your dreams with passion and purpose.”

Kim Coles
Actor & Comedian

Christopher Cooper has significantly contributed to propelling my professional growth. His services, sessions and seminars not only inspire professional development, but his methods ensure professional development. As a result of our resume building session, I now have a resume that commands the attention of Atlanta’s recruiting elite in spite of the stiff competition in the IT consulting industry. If you would like to create a roadmap for achieving your professional goals and get a little closer to identifying your life’s true purpose, I would highly recommend the services available through Christopher J. Cooper and Execute Your Passion LLC!

Atlanta, GA

Have you ever felt life has gotten the best of you? From down sizing, layoffs, and firings to divorce, depression, and disability, is it ever too late to reveal the greatness I know that’s deep down inside? Before encountering Christopher Cooper- The Champion for Success this is where I found myself. Professionally misplaced, financially broken, and emotionally flustered not knowing were to turn or how to begin. Mr. Cooper helped extract hidden talents, reestablish executive confidence, and redevelop myself into becoming a Winner! Without his empowerment and expertise, who knows where I’d be. Thank you so much Mr. Cooper, I am eternally grateful!

Pelver, SC

After the program I implemented the things I learned and landed a senior management level opportunity which came with a $20,000 pay increase. Thank you so much Mr. Cooper, you really are SUPER-FANTASTIC!

Dr from Lithonia, GA