I’m Chris Cooper.

And you just entered into the Super-Fantastic world of Chris Cooper Live!

My goal is, and has always been to invest in the development of people who I believe are the world’s hidden treasures.  Fancy words, right?

Here’s the translation:

I help you Get Sh*t Done!

Pretty heavy, huh? Well, whatever YOUR Sh*t is, I can help. More clarification needed?

Ok. Here goes:

  • I help job-hunters and passion-seekers figure out what they want to do when they “grow up.”
  • I help increase the overall effectiveness and efficiencies of organizations.
  • I assist entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to the next level.
  • I enhance lives.

That’s pretty much it! NO FRILLS, NO FLUFF, NO CHASER.


I’m sure most of you were not expecting such a bold introduction so of course I have my more professional biography listed below.  So I am not in the least way offended if you’d like to scroll down and read it now but for everyone else who wants the REAL Scoop on Coop… Please allow me to introduce myself!  My Name is…. (LOL)

And I’ve learned two very important lessons in life and I’d be remiss if I did not address them up front.

Lesson #1 – No one hears you until they know you

Lesson #2- No one cares what you know until they understand how much you care

So let’s dive into these because I want you to KNOW ME, I want you to HEAR ME, and I want you to KNOW THAT I CARE!!!


“In North Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days….” (LOL- well not quite) Ok, I couldn’t resist!

No, I’m not “The Fresh Prince,” Will Smith, but we do have some things in common: our hometown and our desire to change lives!

Statistically speaking, the odds were clearly not in my favor.  I was an inner-city kid, born to a teenage momsearching for acceptance and identity, and the list goes on. But, I knew that there was MORE in the world, and I knew that I wanted IT!  More importantly, I wanted to give IT to others as well.

Despite my physical environment, I grew up with love, support and prayer, and I was taught the importance of self-lovecompassion and concern for others, the will to succeed, the power of perspective and persistence, and so much more.  Three amazing women poured into my life. I am who I am today because of them. Thank You Mom, Grandma and Aunt Mary!


I know it’s super-geeky to refer to yourself as a STEM Kid, but that’s what I was. STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.  Throughout my early educational years, I shined in mathematics and science. I caught the ENGINEER bug! I was exposed to awesome science, math and engineering programs. I spent many summers on collegiate campus to learn more about my proposed career.  I saw the possibilities but I knew there were no tangible funds in place or available to pursue my higher educational goals, so I got BUSY!

I worked HARD and God answered my prayers. I earned a full scholarship to Morehouse College & the Georgia Institute of Technology to support my engineering aspirations.  I graduated with honors with two degrees and was ready to take the world by storm!

Or, so I thought…


I jumped head first into the corporate world, I traveled the world, made money and life was good!  Then the LIFE STORMS began to rage and I found myself on an emotional and professional rollercoaster.

JOB 1 – LAID OFF (I survived three rounds of lay-offs due to powerful connections and proven results, but fell short when my advocate was given a pink slip as well.)

JOB 2 – FIRED (There was a huge clash of personalities and vision. Frankly, it wasn’t a fit.)

JOB 3 – RESIGNED (I went full speed ahead, earned three promotions in 18 months, became the youngest senior manager/executive ever in the history of the company, saved the company $10M+, managed multi-million dollar budgets. However, 18 hr days,6 days a week and lack of senior management support/vision created a less than favorable environment.  Those facts coupled with my desire to own and operate my enterprise, while helping others prompted me to bow out gracefully. TEACHING POINT: NEVER BURN A BRIDGE. I left with class and now this company is a client of mine.

My transition into entrepreneurship in 2005 was fueled by the skills acquired from working for those corporate giants fused with a Harvard Business School essay giving birth to my first company, Execute Your Passion (EYP). EYP is a professional services firm specializing in motivational seminars and leadership and professional development training and services.


The IMPRINT Magazine featured me in their  Business, Career & Technology Edition and pinged me: “Young & Relentless” and it seems very appropriate.  Check this out:

  • I’ve authored two amazing and insightful books
  • Released an audio book with an actual soundtrack
  • Spoken to audiences of 10 to 10,000 across five different continents
  • Started three companies
  • Given over 4,500 presentations
  • Given over 15,000 coaching sessions
  • Won countless awards and honors
  • Been featured in various print, media and TV publications
  • And I’m still considered “wet” behind the ears

Most importantly, I’ve committed my life to helping others ignite the fire inside so they can execute their passion, achieve their dreams and Get Sh*t Done!

I don’t fear failure, obstacles or rejection. It’s all about the journey!  I will forever press forward to become more than successful; my desire is to be significant! Yes, I want it to have mattered that I was here. That’s the indelible mark that makes a real difference.

What I promise you is that I will give 150%. I’m committed to YOUR success, so buckle up for a thrilling ride on this fantastic voyage we call Life!

Welcome aboard!  And, since Breakthroughs are Sexy, get your sexy on!

Love always,



Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX,  TWO TIME #1 Best-Selling Author, Lifestyle & Procrastination Expert Chris Cooper  is one of the most dynamic, engaging and accomplished speakers, trainers and coaches in America. With three academic degrees from Morehouse College, The Georgia Institute of Technology & New York University, numerous professional certifications, book smarts and street smarts this young man of vision, passion and charisma has done it all! From being the youngest Senior Manager ever with a major Fortune 100 Company to starting three businesses, to running with the bulls in Spain and even Walking on Fire, Chris’ life has indeed  been and continues to be an exciting adventure.

Chris is the President/CEO of Execute Your Passion, LLC- an Atlanta based professional services firm specializing in motivational seminars, and leadership and professional development training and services. The firm offers innovative ways to assist in the complete development of individuals and organizations through innovative coaching practices and techniques, best in class training solutions, and subject matter expertise focused speaking services.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge from two decades of  experience working and consulting for over 75 Fortune 500 Companies and serving hundreds of organizations with a list of clientele spanning 5 continents. In addition, Chris is a former Tony Robbins Elite Peak Performance & Business Results Coach and served for 4 yrs. as an Adjunct & Corporate Instructor with Emory University’s Center for Lifelong Learning teaching Professional Development and Communications Courses to adult learners of all ages serving in various capacities from entry level, to Senior Management to the C-Suite. Chris has given over 15,000 coaching sessions, and delivered over 4500 presentations and live events across the world.

Chris’ accolades include but are not limited to: being named Outstanding Atlanta, LEAD Atlanta, Georgia Young Game Changers, New Leaders Council (NLC),  Who’s Who in Black Atlanta (10x), being featured in The IMPRINT Magazine as “Young & Relentless”, being featured in Dunia International Magazine, being featured on the UNCF Empower ME Tour, The AT&T 28 Days Movers & Shakers Campaign, being named one of Power 30 under 30, and being named one of GXL Magazine’s Most Influential People.

Chris is an amazing father, coach, speaker, trainer, instructor, motivator, author and entrepreneur. He is committed to his lifelong aspiration of investing and assisting in the development of people who he believes are the world’s hidden treasures. He is spiritual, fun, energetic and engaging. His mission is simple: To Ignite the Fire Inside!!

His Motto:
Breakthroughs are Sexy, So get your sexy on!