How to Stop Procrastinating


Confession time.

For years, I used to wait until the last minute to do everything! I mean I even procrastinated on writing a book about procrastination…how crazy is that?!

And most times my hesitation or procrastination was a result of me comparing myself to people that I admired. Mostly, people who were farther ahead of me and they seemed to be doing all the stuff I dreamed of doing.

If you’ve ever done this yourself — you know how truly HORRIBLE this feeling of inadequacy is.

I imagined these “Super-Fantastic and Extraordinary” individuals had access and resources and even a drive that I thought I didn’t have. Things like huge bank accounts, unlimited resources, the perfect pedigree and so much more!

And the more I OBSESSED ABOUT what “they“ had the farther I got away from my true calling and my purpose.

Until one day it hit me- Yes I may have been a hot mess before, but I could get my sh*t together- thus my confession- I am Chris Cooper and I am a Recovering Professional Procrastinator (and you may be too)

Yes sometimes my procrastinator-laden tendencies were in remission, but they seemed to flare back up at times as well, therefore I am pleased to say that after almost 2 yrs of wishing, waiting, and watching I can FINALLY announce the release of Chris Cooper TV!!!

And what a better way to kick off my new- web-TV show then to talk about procrastination and how to kick it in the a$$ once and for all! So click below to see episode 1! And if you like it- AND YOU’D BETTER- share it with all your friends!! :-)

My motto is simple and it’s a tweetable: @cjcoop: Most of us know what to do, we’re just not doing what we know

So, if you suspect that procrastination may be holding some part of you back, I think you’ll really appreciate this. Enjoy the inaugural episode of Chris Cooper TV as I show you that Breakthroughs are sexy!


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