How to Get and Stay Motivated

I cannot believe that we are officially in the second half of 2015! Wow how time flies and if you’re like most of us- You may be taking a moment to reflect and assess where you are and what you have or have not accomplished this year.

As I’ve said before you started 2015 with bright eyes, hopeful, eager to have and do everything you promised yourself, but typically by this time of year the pixie dust has worn off. Don’t get me wrong some of you are rocking it out- and I salute you and encourage you to keep up the good work.

While others….well you may have fallen off the wagon in regards to your weight loss/work out goals, maybe your financial ones, maybe you haven’t curbed your desire for a cocktail or a cigarette, maybe you haven’t really got that business you said you’d start off he ground, or perhaps it’s that career goal that you just knew you would have executed by now…but guess what I am not judging, and you shouldn’t be sooo hard on yourself either!

Why? Because the vast majority of us suffer from the same epidemic of a lack of continuous motivation and a lack of follow through. But the biggest question I get this time of year is simply: “Chris, How do I get and stay motivated?” 

Well, I am soo glad you asked, and I’ve got a simple and (WARNING: BLUNT) answer for you in this episode of Chris Cooper TV, check it out and Don’t be selfish share with your friends…


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