Become A Game Changer

I’m not sure about you but my bracket got busted in grand March Madness Style and not only is the NCAA Final 4 games just days away, today marks the final day of the 1st Quarter on 2015. So I have one simple question for you- How’s 2015 working out for you?

Ok, I lied I have more questions, so let’s go:

  • What did you say that you wanted to accomplish this year?
  • What types of things did you say that you wanted to do?
  • Where did you say you wanted to travel?

And better yet, How much progress have you made in these first 90 days? c’mon be honest! For most of us, the answer is not much….

I watched the UK and Notre Dame game this past Saturday evening and I saw everything change literally in the final seconds of the game. UK was behind yet ended up victorious by the time the clock ran out.

Why? because specific members of the UK Team stepped up to continue their quest for a Perfect 38-0 record and they have their sights on the NCAA Championship Title and Trophy this upcoming week! You see that is an example of a True Game Changer and key individuals stepping up to Become a Game Changer.

I absolutely love learning about Game Changers, and I love being one as well. So I’m showing you how to become a Game Changer, Enjoy and share!


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