The World’s Greatest


Ever wondered what the world’s most powerful emotion is? Some would say love, while others may say anger, but I truly believe it’s simply- GRATITUDE!

And this emotion hit me like a ton of bricks over the last couple of weeks, so I just had to share. As many of you know I have more than a few irons in the fire (to say the least) and I am pushing myself to the limit in so many capacities simultaneously. And to be 100% honest it’s not always easy- OK it’s never easy but it’s definitely worth it!

So, just like many of you LIFE has thrown some curveballs my way and there are lots of new changes and shifts on the horizon but overall I am beyond grateful because GIFTS often come disguised in the form of challenges. I trust that my transparency allows you to take an introspective view as well to where you find yourself. And perhaps even as we prepare for the holiday season there may be some GIFTS that are camouflaged in your respective lives, businesses and relationships that you should not be sad about but be grateful for.

Yes I truly believe that The world’s greatest emotion is GRATITUDE!! Because gratitude helps us to return to our natural state of joyfulness, where we notice what’s right instead of what’s wrong. It makes us feel complete, that we have everything we need, at least in this moment.

And this spirit of being thankful for the many blessings that I have, totally centered me and gave me reason to become filled and even overflowing with gratitude. I began to focus not on my “to-dos” but I began to look at my “it’s already dones”. I stopped the Pity-Party invites and launched the What I’ve Learned Luau. I shifted my perspective from a focus on me to a focus on others and a focus on service. I took myself out of the equation and asked myself questions like:

Who do I appreciate?
What experiences have I had that I am grateful for?
How can I serve others?
And this simple change of focus changed everything for me, and in an instant I became filled with so much joy, so much love, so much power, so much compassion, and so much strength. And the more I’m filled the more I can give! So when I say that Gratitude is the most powerful emotion on the planet I say that because it truly opens the floodgates to a sea of other empowering emotions that serve us and all of humanity!

So as you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, I challenge you to do a simple Gratitude Exercise that I am positive will give you the very same type of fulfillment. So here goes:

1. List 5 things you are grateful for
2. Celebrate wins (both yours and those of people you care about)
3. List Who are you grateful to and why?
4. Let me know

And after you complete this exercise I challenge you to spend just 3 to 5 minutes each week (at least for the remainder of 2014) to jot down all the things that you are grateful for, and watch how your life truly transforms. It may not seem like a lot, but IT WORKS!!!!

So as you prepare for the final weeks of  2014 I urge you to do one simple thing- Be grateful!!!

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