MJ & Me!!!

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What  do Michael Jackson and I have in common…

Well if you are like most the world, this weekend you got an amazing treat as the King of Pop appeared and performed at the Billboard Awards. This was the first time in history that a holographic performance was televised on TV and it looked so real! The image even brought tears to some as we all believe that our beloved MJ was gone to soon. Well due to an insane mix-up with a flight I got stranded in Atlanta Saturday evening and had to give a virtual 3-hr keynote on Sunday Morning! Yes I’m serious I’ve been speaking, coaching and training all over the world across 5 continents and I’ve never missed a speaking engagement and I wasn’t going to let the airline’s negligence stop me from serving and delivering at a high level!!!  I was headed to Dallas to so dig my hat! LOL

CJC Virtual

So, MJ and I both touched and moved audiences virtually and this cutting edge way of entertainment, inspiration and enlightenment is truly indicative of advancements in technology!  So as a proud member of the experts industry I think it only right that I use this as a teaching moment to all aspiring and existing authors, coaches, trainers, speakers, seminar leaders, infomarketers, entrepreneurs and folks looking to share their message for the world. So here are my 3 tips to become an Effective Expert (or deliverer of information)

1.    Think Better- in this ever- changing world anything can happen- remember life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond.  An airline who will remain nameless – switched the gate for my Saturday evening departing flight to Dallas Texas and NEVER changed it on any of the airline screens or placards!!! I was scheduled to give a Breakfast Keynote Address to close out an amazing conference for the Texas and Louisiana Region for the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Of course I along with 35 other passengers got the message too late and we missed the flight. It was the last flight of the evening and the earliest flight Sunday AM would not get me to Dallas until 10:30 AM way too late for me to give a keynote that began at 8:30AM. I was LIVID, but I had to calm myself down and after trying to find alternate flight routes and different scenarios even on other airlines, none of them panned out so I had a choice to make – I could get bitter about an unfair situation or I could think better- I chose the latter and I got on the phone with the event organizer and proposed a virtual keynote- and we went with it! As evidenced by the feedback I’ve received it was one of the best talks I’ve ever given!  Thus- Flexibility is Key- Think Better!

2.    Be Present- No matter what type of presentation you are giving, client you are serving, copy you are writing or the like, be sure to remain present with your audience. I had to give an energetic, exciting and engaging keynote for a whopping 3 hrs! Geesh but it was fun, I danced in my seat on the web-cam and they were on their feet in the ballroom watching me on the big screen. No matter what give 100% of your Presence and it will transcend any medium!

3.    Be Curious-  you have to have a childlike curiosity when speaking to audiences, engaging with clients or even writing books , blogs, etc.  Asking simple questions like what do “they” want, what do “they” need , what’s stopping them are great ways to put together, prepare, and deliver a powerful message!

If you like those tips, I’ve got plenty more strategies that sell and best practices of the world’s greatest authors, coaches, trainer, speakers, infomarketers and entrepreneurs, as I prepare to launch my inaugural Experts Event this August 22-24th , 2014 right here in Atlanta, GA! So if you or someone you know is serious about monetizing their message and looking for ways to make a difference with their unique gifts and abilities click here to get information about this life changing opportunity!!!

Until then my friends, Remember Success is Your Only Option so Let’s Ignite the Fire Inside!

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