Maya, Oprah and Me


Well it’s been about a week since the passing of one of the most “Phenomenal Women” that has ever blessed this planet- the Late Great Dr. Maya Angelou. I like many of you were saddened by the news but still grateful for the legacy that she left behind. I’ll be honest I’ve watched an undisclosed amount of OWN TV this weekend with several interviews, snip-its and celebrations featuring Maya Angelou and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Oprah had the awesome pleasure and privilege being mentored by Maya for some 3 decades- HOW POWERFUL IS THAT?!

Then I came across something in The Huffington Post where a best selling author wrote an article titled: Find yourself a Maya. And as I read that message I’m reminded of the truly great Mayas I’ve been blessed to have in my life including my mother, grandmother and Aunt Mary- these three molded me into the man I’ve become today and I am grateful for their teachings and instruction! Although these 3 Phenomenal Ladies got the fire going there were others who helped keep it burning and the this next set of Mayas would be probably better described as “Mikes” (Lol) Individuals like: Wayne Gaffney(my step-dad), Uncle Bill, Uncle Shank, Marlon Sullivan, Jwyanza Nuriddin, Marlon Smith, and Jonathan Sprinkles. Collectively from this group of Extraordinary Men I’ve learned about life, love, business, perseverance, strength, honor, success, sacrifice and so much more!

And that brings me to my final set of Mayas: Influential Men whose teachings and tutelage that I have been blessed to receive directly and indirectly that is so vital to my life and my life’s work now. Experts Like James Malinchak, John C. Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Darren Hardy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Brendon Burchard and of course my MAYA (MIKE) EXTRAORDINAIRE: Mr. Tony Robbins, oh whom I am honored to be one of his coaches and pass on the transformational knowledge and practices that have changed my life and businesses forever!!!

Well I’m getting a bit emotional as I type this as I’m filled with soo much gratitude and I encourage each and everyone of you as you read this to reflect upon who the MAYAs are in your life and Thank them for their deposits in your life! But y’all know me I can’t but help to share a lesson, so here goes:

Why You MUST Get A MAYA! (of course I can go on for days but here’s just 3 benefits of having a MAYA in your life) 

  • Success Leaves Clues- this is not a cliché statement it’s the truth! Learning the good, the bad and the ugly from someone who has been there enables you to compress decades or in some cases centuries of information in days or hours. There’s a recipe for success and also one for disaster so follow the lead of what the successful people have done and use that to catapult in to your future!
  • Accountability- think about all the incredible things that you ‘planned’ to do but never followed through on. Mayas are there not only for advice in some instances but they are also there to help light a fire under your azz to Get Sh*t Done! (Yup I said it)
  • Support- Much like I do for my clients MAYAs are also a great source of support to help you through both challenging and cheerful times! The best part is that a true MAYA created a Judgment Free Zone where you are capable of sharing without feat of how it will be interpreted, or misinterpreted for that matter

So the moral of this story and your action plan for today and for the rest of your lives is to find your MAYAs, and more importantly become a MAYA for someone else as well! Maya Angelou said it best “Nothing will work unless you do” so in the words of Iyanla Vanzant it’s time to do OUR WORK!

Thank You Maya Angelou for your Life!

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