The moment when I stopped being afraid…


So, Monday in typical fashion I scrolled through my social media news fields and on my linked-in wall I noticed an article that drew me in like a moth to the flame (LOL- I’m trying not to be too dramatic- but it grabbed me!) The post was titled: The Most Stirring Speech Ever By An MBA so I clicked on the link, and after listening to the 17 minute oration I was indeed in agreement as it touched me in such a profound way.

New Harvard Business School Grad Casey Gerald spoke movingly about a near-death experience with armed gunmen in his hometown of Dallas, and how that changed his life forever. “A strange thing happened as I accepted that I was about to die: I stopped being afraid.” He then decided to “give my life to a cause greater than myself.” Although I’ve never met Casey I too had several life altering experiences in my own life that changed my perspective and my outlook, especially in regards to FEAR.

I remember my 16th birthday back home in Philadelphia, and being over a friend’s house, and sitting out on the front steps. My friend’s brother was evidently involved in some drug dealings, and I remember that evening seeing a car creeping down the street toward us with the headlights off and I could see the barrel of a gun aimed in our direction. I literally became paralyzed with fear, and as I tried to get my composure and begin to attempt to turn to run- I literally saw my entire short life flash before my eyes, I thought about becoming yet another statistic of a young black man in the inner city not living past his 16th birthday and I saw all of the dreams I had for myself- the places I’d go the things I’d hoped to accomplish and then everything went pitch black. I can’t tell you how long I remained in that darkness but what I can say is that God was definitely on our side because just as the gun was about to fire in our direction a cop car was coming down the street the opposite way and that literally was the ONLY reason that I am able to share this story with you today!

I believe this is the first time I’ve shared this story publicly and every time I think about it I get chills! And it was at the moment in my terror, that I realized that I was spared for a purpose, at that very moment I now realize that I stopped being afraid just like Casey! I recall the other near-death experience that I had since then when an almost fatal car crash totaled my car, spun me around multiple times in the middle of a major intersection and by the Grace of God left me unharmed.  So I do not consider my life a coincidence by any means and I know that God has indeed spared me for a purpose. So on my 16thBirthday and during that accident over the Christmas Holiday break of my junior year of college things changed- I stopped being afraid. And since then I’ve converted that FEAR into power and into a mission to change lives all across the globe.

Now I am not perfect and I have my struggles just like anyone else and even in the last couple of weeks that I’ve been dealing with a personal situation that has had me crippled with FEAR, but just as in my previous experiences when I let go of FEAR I experienced FREEDOM. So Christopher, over the last decade of my life I’ve dedicated my time, talents and abilities to help others overcome their FEARS and to turn them into Power.  I’d like to urge you to stop being afraid and I welcome you to join me in the RANKS OF LIVING FREE! So here’s 3 ways to jumpstart your transition:

  1. Click The Image below and watch Casey’s full HBS Class Day speech, it’s incredible!
  2. If you are or desire to become an author, speaker, coach, trainer etc. And if you’ve been afraid to share your gifts and talents with the world and know that it’s time that you FINALLY get compensated for your time, talents and abilities I invite you to join me at my Experts Industry Bootcamp in Atlanta, Let’s turn that Passion into Profit!
  3. Lastly, If you are looking for MORE!! More in Life, More in Business, More in Relationships, More at Work, More at Home and you’re ready to eliminate those FEARS, limiting behavior and beliefs- once and for all then join me in Washington, DC because ONE DAY CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!

Here’s to a life of fulfillment!

Your Lifestyle and Procrastination Expert 

~ Chris Cooper

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