Giants, they Fall… E aí Brazil


So, as the eyes of the world are turned to a proud South American Nation – we got a huge shock this week in the 2014 World Cup Semi-Final Match. The favored Top Dog, Host City Team and Soccer (Football) Giant- Brazil experienced one of the worst losses they’ve ever had; and an entire nation along with the rest of us were indeed stunned.

However, when any major giant (like Brazil) falls there are generally some fundamental reasons why.  And I am willing to wager that this loss had a lot to do with two key areas: Teamwork & Psychology! And these same two principles can lead to success and failure in your respective business and in your life as well.

Please allow me to elaborate.

Let me first begin by breaking down what happened in case you were under a rock or unaware (LOL). While, Football enthusiasts anticipated a tough match-up between Brazil and Germany No one expected the Germans to score five goals within the first half hour of the game, and far fewer individuals thought that the game would end on dismal performance by Brazil losing to Germany seven to one. By nightfall, Brazilians were burning flags, and the pictures of their star players with tears in their eyes circled the globe at lightning speed via social media. And this loss went done in history as the most TWEETED Sports occurrence ever!

And as I stated before,  in my opinion two key things were missing with Team Brazil: The Proper Psychology and True Teamwork! I’ve been blessed to have worked for and consulted for over 55 Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Companies and I will go on record to say that these same two topics have been the Achilles Heel to many businesses, institutions and even relationships.

In my Get Sh*t Done Book I have an entire portion of the book dedicated to Getting Sh*t Done Together, and it illustrates The Power of Psychology and The Power Of Teamwork. For instance I share lots of info that relates directly to this Brazil Loss and Challenges in Businesses and Relationships as well. Here are a few that really resonated in relation to Team Brazil:

  • Success Doesn’t Happen in Vacuum- there were countless times throughout the semi-final game that Brazil did not work together as an effective team. Yes Team Brazil did not have two of their star players Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, and Thiago Silva playing in the semi-final, but in order to win the entire team could not place all their stock in just one or two people. Instead everyone needed to step up and participate to share the burden collectively much like the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs did as they clenched their 5th NBA Championship a few weeks ago (Sorry Lebron). In business, or a relationship, etc. the same idea holds true…everyone must contribute to the collective success of the “Team”. 
  • Never Rest On Your Laurels-  Everyone had so much belief in Brazil due to their amazing record, the energy from the fanatical crowd and the stars seemed to be aligning to see Brazil win the world cup in their home country. However, an important lesson here is one that I learned a while ago “You are only as hot as your last hit” see we can never get too comfortable with past success because it’s just that: past success. Team Brazil was quite proud (and rightfully so in the eyes of many) they hadn’t lost a competitive home game since 1975!!! But they let their guard down and well, the rest is history! So this is a lesson for us in business and life as well- never let our past success cause us to become overly comfortable and lose sight of the goal.
  • Don’t count your eggs before they’re hatched Brazil failed to really assess their opponent. Team Germany came to win! Their offense, as we all saw was explosive and they had something to prove. It was called their “14-year plan” a strategic focus on coming back with a vengeance after losing the 2000 European Championship. The Franchise actually recruited, and trained German kids to become Football greats!!! Think about it – Are you that committed to win?! (Hint, hint, wink, wink)
  • Keep your head in the game It was clear that within the first thirty minutes of the game Brazil was first shocked,  then frustrated ,and then they mentally tapped out! Yes, their personal psychology was all out of whack and sadly to their detriment, it seemed as though they never rebounded. See, as I share with my coaching clients our personal psychology is composed of: our physiology, our focus and beliefs and the language that we use.  And from what I saw on my TV all three components were a train-wreck of sorts.  So I have a question for you, how many times have you lost your “head” and has your personal psychology paralyzed you and caused to you make the wrong decisions, or no decisions at all in your business, life and relationships?

So, we can clearly see that Teamwork and Psychology can dramatically affect the outcome of a game but the profitability of your business, the success of your relationships, or the quality of your life!

A true recipe for success in business and in life is to be Powerful, Productive and Proactive!

E aí Brazil ? (translation- what’s going on Brazil?)  Giants, they fall , but the True Champions get back up- Good luck in 2018!



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