Execute Your Passion and Chris Cooper proudly presents: The Achieve Your Dreams College Success Tour Master Class Edition! The tour is a live, interactive and inspirational experience designed for Collegiate Students across the nation. Tour attendees will be challenged to define success for themselves and after having done so, gain insight to put a plan in action to Achieve Their Dreams! The Tour will educate, enlighten and empower students to take responsibility for their own futures through effective and efficient preparation and training in the following focal areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Time, Stress & Study Skills Management
  • Overall Workforce Readiness Practices & Techniques

Enlighten & Enliven Your Campus through an Edutainment Experience like None Other

Entertainment – Chris keeps the audience on the edge of their seats through: humor, the latest hits, and real life stories that impact the students in a way that makes every presentation MEMORABLE.

Education – From Leadership to Time & Stress Management, and from the Do’s and Don’ts of Business Etiquette to the Usage of PROVEN Career Strategies, your students will definitely move to the HEAD of the CLASS NOT through textbook instruction but through practical LIFE application skills that GUARANTEE results

Enlightenment – Chris’ Cornerstone Belief System is composed of 3 key success principles that are essential to EVERY student’s OVERALL SUCCESS. Enlighten your students today with these innovative concepts.. simply stated: LEARN, GROW and BE CHALLENGED CONSISTENTLY!

Empowerment – Your students will leave Chris’ presentation not only with information but with a BURNING DESIRE to INSPIRE and IGNITE the Fire inside their peers, campus and community at-large!







From the Desk of Chris Cooper…
A note to Campus Administrators and Student Leaders

As the owner of Execute Your Passion, a productivity-focused professional services firm, I have engaged corporate, academic and public sector leadership in dialogue over the issues most critical to them. The predominant themes I hear from CEO’s to HR personnel to Academic Deans, to Elected Officials and everyone in between is there is a lack of leadership, communication skills and preparation among recent graduates entering the workforce. As the youngest senior manager ever for a Fortune 100 company, an international speaker, coach, entrepreneur, corporate and adjunct instructor, I have had the opportunity to build confidence, learn the importance of professionalism, communication, diversity, leadership and business etiquette in some of the most intense and competitive environments.

Workforce readiness is paramount. After executing and participating in several college speaking tours at universities across the country, I too realized the lack of preparation for many college graduates and the lack of exposure to corporate development programs. Specifically, many under-represented minorities are first generation college students and often have not received formal training on the critical skills necessary to succeed in an executive environment. Career service offices are often under-funded and their staff overworked.

I believe young men and women deserve additional access to these critical skills in order to compete in a global market. This Tour is a multi-faceted series of one-day interactive and innovative sessions focused on diversity, leadership and professional development skills. These targeted skills not only aid in academic retention efforts, but also true workforce readiness.

Working together, we can cultivate an equipped pipeline of diverse talent ready to enhance the corporate landscape and compete in a global marketplace. I hope you will bring the tour to your campus and join us in the revolution!

BOOKING FOR The 2015-2016 TOUR SEASON IS UNDERWAY…..DON’T MISS THE BUS!!!!  Click here to Contact Us and We will bring the AYD CST To You!!