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How To Stop Procrastinating And Succeed In Life With Chris Cooper
Let's talk about $$$ Baby, it's not everything, but you do breathe a little easier when its flowing! I was super excited that I got a chance to  be interviewed by Alex Sol on the Extra Paycheck Show as I shared lots of practical nuggets and even a simple to follow 6-step strategy to  beat procrastination and achieve your goals. Many of us don’t even realize how much time (and life) we’re wasting due to procrastination. Many others know that they are “lazy” but they have no clue how to cure that and actually perform better. Make...
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Put procrastination behind you FOREVER with Chris Cooper
EOF FeaturedBadge   It's not everyday that we are able to share our bits of golden nuggets or digital downloads with the world. I had the honor and privilege to do just that with an exclusive featured interview on one of the WORLD'S TOP PODCASTS- Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas! In this fun, lively and encouraging encounter I share my entrepreneurial journey including:
  • My Worst Entrepreneur Moment
  • My Entrepreneurial AH-HA Moment
  • Small Business Resources
  • Keys to Success
  • And sooo much more....
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AYD – Atlanta Radio
Listen as Chi Chi Okezie interviews Chris Cooper, Founder/CEO of Execute Your Passion. Chris is dynamic as a coach, trainer, speaker, motivator and now you can add an author to his resume. He has truly found his passion for assisting others and inspires great numbers of people to success. Chris's much anticipated book, "Achieve Your Dreams: 26 Quick Keys to Succeed in Life," cleverly highlights ways in which students, entrepreneurs and professionals can hone in on their skills and be a Champion for Success! The book gives 26 useful tips which are presented in alphabetical...
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