So How’s that Working for You?


Moving past the Resolution Hangover…

Well, we are exactly two weeks into a new year, and I’ve been speaking with so many friends, colleagues and clients and it seems that everyone is singing the same tune- I Broke my New Years Resolution ALREADY and I am disappointed in myself.

My advice- Don’t beat yourself up, although we are all wired for success we are consistently programmed for failure, and sadly, new years resolutions are NO DIFFERENT! The issue as previously stated is that we don’t have the healthy habits in place to keep our resolutions.  If we did, we wouldn’t need something as major as a “resolution” in the first place.

So instead of beating yourself up about it let’s re-program ourselves for success. Habits are powerful things (good,bad or indifferent) and most tasks/activities that we do consistently for 21 days straight often become habits.  So if you’ve fallen off the proverbial resolution horse, dust yourself off and SADDLE BACK UP Cowboy/Cowgirl but this time let’s enlist some help along the way.

For those of you who know me well- I LOVE TECHNOLOGY and a recent app I came across has been a HUGE HELP in assisting me to stick to my goals (I personally despise resolutions- it’s so absolute…SMH). I’m Apple guy….(I know, don’t judge me!)……but there’s an app called LIFT and it’s incredible. LIFT electronically keeps track of your “habits, goals, etc” and more importantly connects you to a community of others that are committed to the same things- there’s power and strength in association!   Refer back to #4 on the 6 Tips to Get Sh*t Done in 2014. (See below for a refresher)

6 Tips to GSD in 2014

But even if you’re not into apple, or technology for that matter, the #1 tip for getting back on the goal attainment trail is: To Get An Accountability Partner. Someone who will hold your feet to the fire but, someone who will be understanding enough to realize that true authentic change may take time.

As Dr. Phil would say- “Stop taking yourself so seriously” embrace your humanity, get some help…(I can more than oblige) and Go Get Sh*t Done! 2014 is your year- as long as you want it to be!!

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