It’s Time to Connect the Dots…


It happens this time of year- the weather begins to change and more and more Career, Networking and Social Events are about to happen and a question I get over and over from my clients, friends, and even strangers is:

How can I become a Better Networker? And better yet if I am an introvert how can I possibly survive this networking game! “

So after completing a Power Networking session at Northwestern University for their Business Students last night, I thought it would be a good idea to give you- my family some networking tips and tricks that work!

So get ready for Chris Cooper’s Networking Secrets for Introverts, Extroverts and Everyone else In-between! LOL

  1. Don’t make it a big deal- Networking does not have to be Hard, and it’s not as scary as it seems. Give yourself permission to be human and to be nervous- the most effective networkers channel that nervousness into energy and then they go with the flow!
  2. Be a Good Listener- Introduce yourself and 9 times out of 10, the other person will narcissistically tell you all about themselves (SMH) People LOVE to talk about themselves, let them do the heavy lifting and you will appear to be an amazing networker simply by being engaged and nodding.
  3. Focus on One- Focus on one conversation at a time, no need to try to bite off more than you can chew (or talk for that matter). Work the room by engaging one person at a time and collect their contact information if there is some potential synergies
  4. Say their Name 3 Times-   I know that sounds crazy, but a person’s name is the sweetest thing they love to hear. So simply by saying their name 3 times throughout your conversation not only will you remember it, but they will remember how engaged you were, and who knows where that can lead…
  5. Have Fun!- This is probably the most important tip I can share, if you associate pain with networking it will be grueling , but if you instead have fun and enjoy the process you will be surprised how rewarding it can be- in so many ways!

So that’s my short version of how to be a Rockstar Networker!  So go forth and dominate every cocktail party, after work function , banquet, business event and dare I say singles bar?

As Dr. Phil Says “Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously” enjoy meeting new people and never forget that Networking is simply the process of developing and maintain quality relationships that enrich your life and empower your to achieve your goals.

So what you do want? I’ll wager that someone in your network or your extended network can help, But You’ll never find out if you don’t put yourself in the place to receive it!

So here’s your homework, in the next 30- 45 days attend at least 2 networking events and implement 3 or more of the above tactics and I assure you- you will get results!

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