Happy New Year..Now What?!


It’s 2014…Now WHAT?!

Happy New Year!

Well we have ushered in a new year, it’s 2014 and The Magic Day January 1st has come and gone. And for 95% of us the pixie dust on all of those NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS has already begun to wear off.

What happened?
As the clock struck 12 you were so amped, so excited and so ready. You started 2014 with high hopes, great expectations and a list of “resolutions” that you probably had no hope of keeping (especially without help).

Actually, this is a pretty loaded question and there are lost of reasons why but I’ll deal with the main 2 reasons:

  1. Because we don’t have the healthy habits in place to keep them.  If we did, we wouldn’t need something as major as a “resolution” in the first place.  Let’s be honest we start and stop and start and stop a hundred different: diets,  jobs,  gyms, hobbies, projects, fads, phases, trends,  friendships, relationships- you name it in any given year. But we often fail to execute those healthy habits that will sustain the aforementioned undertakings.
  2. Goals are some of the most disrespected things on the planet, they are accessories, they are optional and we treat them as such. Goals are not usually achieved but MUSTS are implemented. The opportunity before us now and going forward is to transform or goals to MUSTS. Raise Your Standard!

So if I’m dampened your spirit please excuse me as that is not my intention but I want 2014 to be the year that you listen, understand and act on what you need to as opposed to just going along with what you want to hear.  It’s time out for playing and School is in Session! You’ve talked enough, planned enough, prayed enough, organized enough, ________ enough but it hasn’t worked so NOW it’s time to Get Sh*t Done.  Period.  End of Story.

It’s time you learned how to make small, subtle changes that produce big, fast, and measurable results. It’s not about making dramatic, overnight Hollywood –ending changes that we all know don’t last. Instead it’s about creating habits that last a lifetime!  So let’s get started…

Your #1 Enemy this year and any year is the ULTIMATE SUCCESS KILLER AKA PROCRASTINATION!

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”
~ Don Marquis

And whether you realize it or not, Procrastination is keeping you from 90% of the things you desire in life. So as we kick off this new year I’m not giving you a ton a resolutions I’m giving you one small nugget that is sure to work in all facets of your life, business, career, etc. – STOP PROCRASTINATING!

Seems simple right? But wait there’s more…

As many of you know I believe in being totally transparent and I have a confession that I am going to admit it to you all today- I am a professional procrastinator, okay well maybe not a professional but I definitely dabble in procrastination from time to time.  My disguise? I call it working well under pressure…but the fact of the matter is that I procrastinate which makes me have to work under pressure and since Success is the ONLY option I excel in those ‘unnecessary’ pressure cooker situations.
So if I may please let me share with you how I’ve learned to beat Procrastination.

1. ADMIT IT!!! Self Assessment- Be honest with yourself, as in all interventions, admitting you have a problem is always the first step on the road to recovery. Say it with me:  My Name is ____ and I am a Procrastinator.

2. IDENTIFY THE COSTS! Whether you realize it or not, the costs of procrastination are Monumental yet, they are disguised in an incalculable, invisible fashion- yet the impact is quite real. A million different ways on a million different days we rob ourselves of something more precious than money:  momentum.  And it’s that lack of momentum that keeps so many of us in a coma of complacency. What if you had a set a goal and actually achieved it? What could you be doing right now as a result? How would your life be different? The Price Tag of Procrastination is High!

3. TAKE ACTION! If procrastination is a disease then Action has to be the cure. The only thing stopping you is you, but I’ve learned a few cures/remedies along the way, and they are listed to the below:

6 Tips to GSD in 2014

Let’s Make 2014 Count, what are some of the commitments you’re willing to make to eliminate goals and create MUSTS? What have you been doing that’s working? Please share I want to hear from you..

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