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All I do is Win, or do I?
all i do is win   What does Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Harland Sanders, and Norman Vincent Peale have in common with you and me? Well of course we are all human beings, and we all have the same 24 hrs in a day, and 7 days in a week, yet we also have the same amount of raw potential to win! However the four greats I just mentioned tapped into that potential and transformed it into lasting power. As a lifestyle and procrastination expert I help professionals, entrepreneurs,...
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So How’s that Working for You?


Moving past the Resolution Hangover...

Well, we are exactly two weeks into a new year, and I've been speaking with so many friends, colleagues and clients and it seems that everyone is singing the same tune- I Broke my New Years Resolution ALREADY and I am disappointed in myself. My advice- Don't beat yourself up, although we are all wired for success we are consistently programmed for failure, and sadly, new years resolutions are NO DIFFERENT! The issue as previously stated is that we don’t have the healthy habits in place to keep our resolutions.  If we did, we wouldn't need...
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Happy New Year..Now What?!

Well, we have ushered in a new year, it’s 2014 and The Magic Day January 1st has come and gone. And for 95% of us the pixie dust on all of those NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS has already begun to wear off. What Happened? And Why? And More Importantly What NOW?! I’m so glad you asked…

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Limitless – Los Angeles/ Long Beach

You’re invited to immerse yourself in a full day of transformation with Chris Cooper. An unparalleled one day encounter dedicated to breaking down barriers, limiting beliefs and patterns. An opportunity to break that coma of complacency and an experience that will help you GET SH*T DONE!

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